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Overview of Healthcare in the State of Michigan
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Overview of Healthcare in the State of Michigan
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Kim Sibilsky's seminar has been broken up into separate video segments. Clicking on each of the video segment titles below will start each segment. All the segments together encompass the entire seminar.

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Overview of Healthcare in the State of Michigan Presented by Kim Sibilsky
The Primary Care Association of Michigan is described along with the current status of healthcare in the state; the distribution of healthcare providers; and the state's health indices. Information regarding access, community oriented primary care and suggestions for shaping health policy are provided.

Select a video segment below to begin.
Segment Length Title
2min 10sec Michigan Primary Care Association
4min 52sec Distribution of Professional Health Care
2min 10sec Health Indices for Michigan
47sec Factors in the Provision of Services
48sec Resources for Issues in Health Care Access
2min 33sec Community Oriented Primary Care
4min 9sec Health Policy, Regulation, & Law
3min 31sec Advocates for Medicine & Uninsured Populations
2min 29sec Political Aspirations & Health Care Providers
Kim Sibilisky
Over 20 years experience in working to improve access to health care for undeserved populations throughout the nation. Currently Executive Director, Michigan Primary Care Association supervising and coordinating the activities of a statewide primary care association including grant and contract administration, health systems development and strategic thinking in improving access to care and reducing health disparities in Michigan. Previously: Deputy Director, Policy and Programs for the National Rural Health Assoc. in Kansas City, MO.; Senior Associate at CHS Phase II in Maryland and California; Center Director of the Northern Michigan Area Health Education Ctr.; Executive Director of the Alcona Health Center in Lincoln, MI. Bachelors of Arts degree from Kalamazoo College; post-graduate work at the School of Public Health, University of Michigan.
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