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Dr. Deschere's seminar has been broken up into separate video segments. Clicking on each of the video segment titles below will start each segment. All the segments together encompass the entire seminar.

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Managed Care: What Is Its Definition Today? Presented by Dr. Bruce Deschere
An update of the health care and managed care environment in the metro Detroit area in 2000.

Select a video segment below to begin.
Segment Length Title
1min 36sec Overview of Managed Care
3min 43sec Unmanaged Care
3min 9sec Managed Care
2min 26sec Controls / Incentives
5 min 10 sec Plus Side of Manged Care
2min 20sec How Much Care is Managed Care
2min 35sec Balanced Budget Act of 1997
20sec National Scene: Medicare Managed Care
3min 51sec Michigan: Growth of HMO's
3min 41sec Financial Impact of HMO's in Michigan
Future Trends:
41sec       Home Care
4min 22sec       Health Care Specialists
1min 52sec       Computerized Hand Held Devices
3min 15sec       Care Guidelines
49sec       Team Care
11sec Managed Care is Here to Stay
Bruce Deschere
graduated WSU School of Medicine, 1977. Trained in Family Practice at Providence Hospital, 1977-1980. Spent seven years in full time private practice which included in-depth experience in managed care and serving as CEO of a multispecialty group. Entered full time teaching in 1987 and have directed a fellowship and three residencies. Earned a Master of Science in Business Administration from Madonna University in 1994. Certified in Family Practice, Geriatrics, Primary Care Sports Medicine and in Quality Assurance/Utilization Review. Currently direct a rotation in community oriented primary care, access to care for the underserved and managed care. This rotation is offered to trainees in Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Pediatrics.
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