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Overview of Healthcare in the State of Michigan
Managed Care: What Is It's Definition Today?
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On September 23, 2000 the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Innovations Project and the Greater Detroit Area Partnership For Training jointly sponsored a conference on Managed Care. The conference focused on the systematic approach to the Treatment of Chronic Illness Through Managed Care with a Case Study on Asthma. The audience was composed of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians, medical students and residents. The speakers and their presentations included:

Kim Sibilsky, Executive Director of the Michigan Primary Care Association
"Overview of Healthcare in the State of Michigan"

Bruce Deschere, M.D, MSBA, Co-Principal Investigator, GME Innovations Project and Associate Chair and Residency Director, Department of Family Medicine, Wayne State University
"Managed Care: What is its definition today?"

Michael Massanari, MD, MS, FACP, Director, Clinical Healthcare Effectiveness Research, Detroit Medical Center
"Evidence-Based Medicine and Disease Management"

These presentations provide information about managed care as it affects the delivery of health care and as experienced by physicians in clinical practice. Helpful suggestions and methods for determining "best practice" are provided along with practical examples of data gathering and analysis. All primary care providers are encouraged to become involved with their state and federal legislatures to shape the future delivery and provision of health care services.
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